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New Signs is a system of extrapolations and new forms aiming towards a cosmology based on the idea that we can change our human minds by reforming the symbols—the very icons—we think in. The early designs from the 1980's resulted in a set of graphic symbols that I made into chops—stamps—like those used in Asian traditional paintings. Over time, I began to paint the signs in a shorthand, leading to the design of calligraphic forms. And throughout the process of refining symbols, re-ordering the alphabet, and shifting from graphic to calligraphic, I discovered combinations of signs for more complex meanings and concepts, developing the beginnings of a hieroglyphic language in the process. I called these more complex signs combines in order to distinguish them from the original alphabet because, as with any writing system, New Signs comprises a basic alphabet forming building blocks for more complex meanings, sentences, thoughts. A sampling of these combines is offered herein.

In addition to the reformation of each letter in the alphabet, New Signs also represents an altered ordering of the letter sequence in our English alphabet. This reordering developed over time, as the reformed meanings began to follow an intrinsic order, and as a result of using the signs as evocative symbols in the studio. This can be seen in the shift from the graphic signs to the calligraphic alphabet, which is given in the new order.

Graphics Signs
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